King Koil

Since 1898, King Koil has been designing, building, and testing high-performance rest systems at its development center in the USA.

Headquartered in Avondale, Arizona, their mattresses can be found in more than 90 countries around the world.

King Koil is a global leader in mattress manufacturing and makes a point of innovating without losing the essence of its tradition. For this reason, it combines the best of American technology with noble materials, resulting in products that are recognized and desired all over the world.

In Brazil, King Koil mattresses are produced by CBP, one of the largest factories in Latin America producing polyurethane foam and mattresses in a single plant.

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To have a great day you need a good night's sleep. Therefore, Inducol is also responsible for people's quality of life during the day when they are awake.

Developing the most efficient solutions for people to better enjoy their day, Inducol mattresses are produced to make life easier, bringing products that exude innovation, in a simple way that makes the process of choosing the ideal mattress even easier.

Inducol brings all the experience of a brand with more than 50 years, besides the quality and technology of the products produced by the CBP Group.

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Luxury, comfort and versatility. EuroSleep takes all the quality and experience of CBP Group in mattresses and industrial foams to several countries in Latin America. Exclusive for export, EuroSleep focuses on innovative projects that provide well-being and comfort. Its products are developed with high-standard raw materials, ensuring the best and most relaxing nights' sleep.

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