CBP group

Who we are

CBP exists to bring comfort to people's everyday life in many dimensions: products, services, relationships, polyurethane foam applications, beds and mattresses.

The Group's portfolio is made up of two main divisions: Industrial Foams and Mattresses and by Leva Brasil, a logistics company.

It is one of the largest industries in Latin America in the production of polyurethane foams and mattresses of the highest technology and quality.


Deliver products and services to various sectors of the market, with the commitment to always do the best for each customer as if it was the only one.

- Make mattresses that provide quality sleep.

- Make foams that meet the quality, safety and performance demanded by the industries.


Helping the world to be lighter, more comfortable and safer through inspired people, cutting-edge products and services and consistency in the execution of our proposals.

Be the company that:

- It will make people sleep better and live more comfort and convenience.

- It will bring greater productivity to the industries related to our business.


Have the CUSTOMER preference

SAFETY and HEALTH of people above everything

Respected, committed and inspired PEOPLE


FOCUS on results

INTEGRITY in the relationship with all stakeholders

Economic, social and environmental SUSTAINABILITY


PASSION for what we do